Your name helps identify you within groups.
To host different groups please subscribe. Subscription cost $12.75 per year. As the host of a group you can invite friends and family to join your group for free.

Making it easier for groups to bring together and privately share photos and video!

Catch Up helps solve the problem of how to privately share your best photos and video with a limited number of people. For a small annual subscription, subscribers can host and create different groups and invite friends to join these groups for free.


Provides a private and secure platform free from advertising, user profiling, data-sharing and fake news!

Host Groups

As a host of a private group you can invite friends to join and bring together your best photos and video and collectively upload up to 1,000 images per year.


Subscriptions cost $12.75 per year. With this you can host multiple groups and the people that you invite to join these groups are free!